8 Reasons to Source Solar Equipment for Your Next Project on Sunhub

Equipment procurement is an essential part of any solar installation. Unfortunately, it’s been a time-intensive, challenging process for most installers, EPCs and even the DIY community. Solar buyers struggle to obtain available manufacturer inventory and pricing as they call and email around to third-party vendors. Supply chain and scheduling obstacles also stand in the way of completing profitable projects.

Seeing these issues, Sunhub developed its online Solar Trader Platform, which allows solar buyers to outsource their procurement process. It is the only e-commerce solar marketplace that clearly lists solar panels, inverters and batteries by availability and pricing while allowing buyers and sellers to negotiate deal terms. With extensive listings of competitively priced solar equipment, flexible terms and efficient transactions, Sunhub gives customers access to the components they need when they need them. Here are some other reasons to procure your equipment on Sunhub. 

1. Clear visibility
Shoppers on Sunhub can scroll through listings of available panel, solar inverter and battery components with transparent pricing—all without picking up the phone. Buyers can find the brands they’re looking for at any time from anywhere. While other online retailers typically price and sell by quantity, Sunhub lists in Watts as manufacturers sell and as contractors need when considering project size. You can negotiate in price per Watt and purchase pieces, pallets and containers as required.

Buying and selling in a common language further simplifies procurement.

2. Direct communications
Many solar buyers lack contact with manufacturers and distributors and wait on middlemen to check prices and stock. Even if contractors can find what they need in budget, delivery and payment terms still must align for a successful purchase. Sunhub developed a better approach through a convenient chat-based interface that allows sellers and buyers to communicate with each other, saving time by outsourcing the management of multiple vendor relationships.

sellers offers and inquiries

3. Better pricing
Seeing that a lot of bidding was happening in the background of most solar deals, Sunhub found it made sense to structure its platform around it. Buyers are free to submit bids to sellers. With already high inflation rates and excess solar panel inventory, it’s truly a buyer’s market in which contractors can find some fantastic deals to stock up for the year.

4. Flexible terms
Sunhub is the only B2B e-commerce marketplace for solar to offer bidding on prices, terms and logistics. Buyers can negotiate any sales terms possible including incoterms, pricing, delivery, payment and other agreement aspects. For example, need partial quantity orders, custom delivery schedules or favorable payment net terms? No problem, you can negotiate these terms directly. This flexibility allows buyers and sellers to agree to terms that work best for everyone.

5. Efficient transactions
Sunhub keeps procurement convenient with quoting, bidding and buying all in one platform. In addition to clearly listing available inventory with real-time pricing, and providing a chat interface for buyer and seller negotiations, Sunhub also captures final agreements by auto-generating a legally binding contract. The Sunhub Trader Platform allows managing the full sales lifecycle online for a seamless experience. 

contract terms

6. Secure deals

Even though the Sunhub Trader Platform is an online tool, Sunhub’s dedicated team of procurement experts work behind the scenes to ensure safe transactions. Sunhub vets suppliers, moderates negotiations, serves as the contract custodian and facilitates payments. This keeps deals fair and preserves anonymity to grant buyers and sellers the privacy needed to freely negotiate.

7. Project planning
Solar contractors can further alleviate supply issues when they use Sunhub for project planning. Buyers can gather information on forthcoming inventory with a futuristic view of what manufacturers will be supplying and submit pre-orders to secure inventory and lock-in pricing. Sunhub’s team is also ready to work with you to help select components whether that’s providing good, better and best options, or finding the lowest possible price depending on your requirements. 

8. Logistics support
Sunhub believes in supporting buyers in any way it can to enable a deal. Sometimes that means filling in gaps with logistics and warehousing services. Our dedicated in-house logistics team will work with our channel partners to find local warehousing near project sites. We think of project planning as a big puzzle and use our sophisticated tracking mechanism to ensure you’ll get the necessary panel, inverter, solar battery and BOS components together so you have what you need to install along the way.

Having products on time and within budget is essential for keeping up with increasing demand for solar projects and enabling solar business growth that advances renewable energy. That’s why our core value comes from our combination of our innovative technology backed by an expert team of procurement professionals. 

Start exploring our listings, and if you find you need more assistance reach out to learn more about how we can help.

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