Sunhub CEO answers customer FAQs

As Co-Founder and CEO of Sunhub, I enjoy seeing new clients discovering how our platform and team make solar procurement easy and efficient every day. Along the way, they often have similar questions. Here are some answers to help you understand why Sunhub is quickly becoming the most trusted source for both suppliers and buyers so you can start experiencing our benefits today. 

What’s the difference between the procurement arm of Sunhub and the Solar Trader Platform?  

Our Sales and Operations teams work with clients in a manual sense, communicating with our suppliers to give them the pricing, terms and best delivery schedule we can depending on their project scope, size and scheduling needs. 

On a more transactional level, our Solar Trader Platform serves as an e-procurement tool to make shopping for components as automated and efficient as possible by giving buyers available inventory and pricing information until you’re ready to talk with a human being.

However, there’s quite a bit of overlap between the two sides. If customers don’t see what they want on our online platform, our procurement arm comes into play. Even with the convenience of an online tool, our team is always here to help you find what you’re looking for.

Is Sunhub safe?

We get questions about our partners and products, just like most distributors. Customers want to know if they’re going to get their products and what happens if there is an issue.

Sunhub takes a variety of steps to keep our platform safe and secure. We go through a heavy vetting process with our suppliers that includes background checks and proper documentation to ensure legitimacy. We moderate negotiations to preserve buyer and seller anonymity and facilitate contracts and payment transactions. Sunhub employs trusted payment methods like Stripe, which is used by Amazon and other retail giants. If products arrive damaged, or there is any other problem, we’ll try to resolve it by working with the supplier to send the delivery in the expected condition or refund payment to the buyer.

How does Sunhub assist with logistics and warehousing?

Find a great deal on solar modules but need a place to keep them until it’s time to install? Our dedicated in-house logistics team will work with our channel partners to find warehousing—possibly at no extra cost to you. Most of the time, we can find storage within 10 to 15 miles of your project and arrange logistics for delivery. No matter the quantity, timing or location, our team works hard to arrange what you need to get the deal done. 

Do you provide financing terms? 

While financing is not a primary service we currently offer, it is an area we are actively exploring for future development. Our aim is to enhance the flexibility and range of services we provide to our clients. As we assess our options, we are considering integrating financing solutions into our offerings to better support our clients’ needs. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to expand and improve our services. We anticipate that it will open new doors for both our clients and our organization in the near future.

How can Sunhub help with my future project planning?

Say you have eight projects spread over the next nine months. We’ll work with you to break the order down project by project to determine the panels, inverters, BOS components and any batteries you need for each. Then, we can direct you to our trader platform to look around and/or you can work with our procurement arm and sales reps can help you find solutions. Perhaps you’re looking specifically at types of solar modules. We can provide you with good, better and best options, or find the lowest possible price depending on your requirements. 

Once you select the equipment, we’ll schedule your delivery including any necessary logistics and storage. If you’re buying from overseas, we include safety stock to pull in case of any delays at the port. We think of project planning as a big puzzle and use our sophisticated tracking mechanism to ensure you’ll get the necessary panel, inverter, battery and BOS components together so you have what you need to install along the way. Our job is to determine where we can help and implement the processes to make sure everything is delivered on time and within scope. 

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