When is a DIY Solar Kit Right For My Vehicle, Cabin, or Boat?

If you’re planning to install solar on your cabin, recreational vehicle, or boat but you’re not sure whether to DIY it, this guide will point you in the right direction.

Here at Sunhub, we love our DIYers. Why? DIYers like you show the same characteristics: you do your research, care about value, and you appreciate hard work. All while protecting the environment.

If that sounds like you, then you’re probably considering DIY solar. Let’s consider whether the following characteristics make up your current situation to determine whether a solar kit suits your needs:

You love taking charge of your projects

If you have light construction experience and you own any project that you’re a part of, you’re off to a good start. If installing solar DIY sounds fun and rewarding, you’re right! Here you can find a wide variety of pre-configured solar kits for your cabin, camper, boat, or other recreational vehicle, along with specs and installation guides. Contact us to discuss the specs of your solar project and we’ll walk you through it.

So many of our boon dockers, or off-grid campers, are DIYers too. You know there’s nothing better than flipping on the lights and knowing it’s all thanks to your own hard work.

You want to save money on installation

Our solar DIYers often budget more for equipment they have in mind, recognizing they won’t have to put down as much for install. If that’s you, you’re in good company. Systems range anywhere from a bit over $100 for starter kits to over $12,000 for higher end models that can power medium-sized cabins or small houses. A DIY kit gives you what you need (plus or minus a tool or two) to do the job yourself. If you have your eye on a specific piece of equipment or\ brand and don’t want to pick out the whole system, a DIY kit is an excellent option.

Efficiency is important to you

As the Eagles once said, “you can spend all your time makin’ money. Or you can spend all your money makin’ time.”

Consider how important your time is to you. If you’re willing to spend your money makin’ more time for recreation, DIY kits are the likely choice. DIY solar kits work for customers who put a high value on efficiency and proven solutions.

Experts have pre-configured the systems for you, you just handle the install. Kits also fit first- time solar customers and DIYers who want to avoid mistakes and stress. Bottom line: if you place a high price on your time, or you’re hesitant to customize a DIY project, then kits are the right call.

Solar is your backup solution

Are you a boondocker or boat owner using solar as backup? You’re investing in your own peace and safety. Boondockers charging their RV batteries for a short time may get by with a solar kit instead of a full solar system. Some starter kits are inexpensive, easily installed and are lifesavers in a pinch. Marine solar panels operate as excellent backup solutions for boaters and some offer the power to operate as primary options. Purchasing a pre-configured DIY kit for your vessel can ensure your ability to maintain autopilot and power your radio.

Why solar? Why DIY?

Consider your motivation for going solar and why you’re considering DIYing it. First, consider whether solar DIY is for you. If you have light construction experience and get a thrill from DIY projects, go for it!

For the budget-conscious buyer, a kit will allow you to save money on installation. With prices ranging from $100+ on starter kits to over $12,000 for higher-end models, we can always find something that works. Is your time important to you? Do you trust the experts, but still want to handle the install? If this sounds like you, a DIY kit is a fit.

For boondockers and boaters who can’t afford to be caught without power, solar is a crucial investment. Weigh out whether you’d prefer a pre-configured solution over a custom one.

Whether you’re heading out onto the open road in your campervan, relaxing on the front porch of your mountain cabin, or heading out to the marina for a sunset boat ride… when you make the call, we’ll have a solar option that works for you.

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