How to Create a Quote and Lock in Your Price on the Solar Trader Platform

When purchasing solar equipment and overseeing installations, solar installers, EPCs and other buyers understand the importance of efficiency and precision. Delays in procurement can lead to stalled projects and increased costs, while inaccuracies in solar component selection can compromise the performance of the entire solar system. 

Traditional solar procurement processes have made it labor-intensive for buyers to get stock and pricing information. It’s time-consuming for contractors to call and email around to multiple middlemen to find inventory and wait to get a manufacturer’s or distributor’s quote. 

Seeing an opportunity to streamline solar procurement by putting solar buyers and sellers in direct contact and providing clear visibility into available inventory and real-time pricing with online listings, Sunhub created its Solar Trader Platform. The e-procurement tool helps solar buyers secure the best deals on solar panels, inverters and batteries quickly and effectively, ensuring that your installations proceed smoothly and within budget.

As the only e-commerce marketplace that allows solar buyers to negotiate prices, terms and logistics on extensive solar inventory, Sunhub enables easy access to quotes and the ability to lock in pricing for simpler project planning. Here’s a helpful guide to walk you through the process. 

The step-by-step process to getting a quote and locking in your price

Locking in a price ensures stability in your procurement, especially when market prices fluctuate. artHere’s a step-by-step process to get started:

  1. Search for listings: Use the platform’s intuitive search features to pinpoint the exact product you need by name, wattage, and quantities.
  2. Send an inquiry: After finding your product, send an inquiry directly through the platform to move closer to securing your desired solar products.
  3. Negotiate Price and Terms: You can bid and negotiate the terms such as incoterms, payment, and delivery terms. Once both parties agree on price, quantity, and terms, you can request to lock in the price.
  4. Request Quote: You can request a quote and lock in your price by selecting “Request Sales Quote” and specifying the quantity you’re interested in. 
  5. Download Quote: The Supplier will send a quote with discussed price, quantity and terms. You can download the sales quote. The sales quote has an expiry date, so you need to accept offer before it expires.

Your quote remains valid till expiry, locking in your price and giving you time to decide while you’re protected from market price fluctuations. 

Key advantages of using the Solar Trader Platform:

Both buyers and sellers benefit from seamless solar procurement using the Sunhub Solar Trader Platform. Here are some of the aspects you’ll enjoy as you move forward with completing your transaction.

  • Transparency: Contracts are updated throughout the negotiation process,, ensuring you always have a clear understanding of the terms of your deal.
  • Efficiency: The platform’s streamlined design and readily available inventory information reduce transaction time from product search to deal closure, enhancing operational productivity for busy teams.
  • Reliability: With the price locked in, you can plan your projects with certainty and ensure you stay on schedule and within budget. 
  • Convenience: Manage the entire procurement cycle online with direct buyer-seller communications without picking up the phone or sending emails to manage multiple vendor relationships.  

Sunhub guides buyers and sellers along flawless product transactions and provides additional services to fill in gaps to get more solar deals done. Even with its innovative e-commerce site, Sunhub’s team is always ready to assist, helping you find the products you need to deliver projects and grow your business. 

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