6 Ways Sunhub Keeps Solar Affordable For Customers

Are you looking for ways to stay within budget on your solar project while still getting the parts you need? Sunhub provides an expansive range of services that can help you do just that while maintaining the highest quality standards. In this article, we’ll look at six ways Sunhub keeps projects cost-effective while keeping your satisfaction top of mind.

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Sunhub is supplier/wholesaler/manufacturer agnostic.

Sunhub is supplier, wholesaler, and manufacturer agnostic. We have a vast supplier network* that increases every day. That means that when you contact us looking for a product, Sunhub gives you the best chance of finding it because we aren’t beholden to one or two suppliers. Our repeat customers tell us they’re impressed with our ability to track down niche products or materials that have been retired or aren’t yet on the market. (could link to case study here)

Why do we do this?

So you don’t have to!

With so much combined experience in the solar industry, we’re fortunate to have the knowledge and connections it takes to find the materials our customers need to fulfill their orders or beat prices they’re unhappy with.

If you’re interested in selling with us, contact us here.

We provide warranty extensions

Most solar panels come with 12-year workmanship warranties to protect against manufacturing defects and equipment failures and 30-year linear power warranties, which guarantee a minimum level of performance.

We will extend both out when we can, saving our customers on average .5- 1 penny per watt over the life of the array. This can come out to significant savings, especially on larger orders.

We upgrade cables and connectors

By doing something as simple as upgrading cable lengths and connectors, we can cut project costs in half by helping a customer avoid purchasing more costly adapters and jumpers.

This often means significantly less money for us, which could seem counterintuitive. But we don’t look at it that way. You count on us to bring our expertise to each project, and we take your trust seriously.

We reward that with savings and efficiency.

We perform detailed shipment cost analyses

We don’t just blindly place your orders and go. Every day we save our customers thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in shipping costs by something as simple as splitting up orders between the east and west coast.

We provide ample tracking for overseas products

**Are you a project manager that’s run into this before?

Email from a manager: “Hey, what’s the status of that overseas solar order? Seems like it’s taking forever. Check that shipping info, please.”

You: (thinks)

(thinks harder)

(sweats as you realize you never received tracking and your containers could be at the bottom of the ocean right now)

You don’t have to worry about this with us. And it would help if you never had to worry about this in the first place.

You rely on us to complete your projects on time and deserve to know where your materials are. Shipment tracking information keeps you as up-to-date on your shipments as we are and out of hot water with management.

**This one might not save you money on the solar project, but it saves a heck of a lot of stress, and that’s as good as money.

We offer flexible payment terms

Sunhub works with everyone: EPCs and manufacturers, homeowners, and installers. If you buy solar, we work with you. On many of our deals, we’re asked to work with multiple sides of the transaction. Lead times can be challenging in the solar business, which calls for ingenuity!

We’re here to get deals done.

Sometimes that means negotiating payment terms that make sense for everyone. We take a creative approach to the solar business, and we will think out of the box regarding payment terms.

We account for our customer’s wants and needs and customize those terms accordingly.

If your company has unique funding requirements, ask!

What’s the bright idea?

When you contact Sunhub, you’re putting your trust in a team of seasoned solar professionals who understand the intricacies of their industry. Because we are supplier agnostic, we have access to your needed inventory. Upgrading warranties and equipment on projects give you further savings you probably didn’t count on. When it’s time to place your order, we will save you money on shipping and keep you in the know after the order ships. Tricky payment terms? No problem, ask upfront.

If you’re ready to procure with Sunhub, you can use our custom order tool to get your project started or contact us to find out how we can save you money on solar.

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