Why Detroit Energy is Closing Coal Plants and Going Solar

When industry leaders get a positive public response after making big moves, more often than not their competitors will follow suit. When those moves happen to be beneficial for their customers’ bottom line and improve the environment, that’s a win-win.

SunHub is encouraged to see Michigan energy giant Detroit Energy (DTE) plans to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by up to 85% by closing two of its coal plants by 2035. By retiring their Trenton Channel and St. Clair coal plants and retraining their displaced employees for other jobs within the company, DTE is making progress towards its CleanVision Integrated Resource Plan.

As part of this clean energy proposal for their 2.3 million customers, DTE aims to:

  • Increase clean energy usage
  • Reduce CO2 by 65% in 2028, 85% in ‘35, 90% by ‘40 and be net zero by ‘50
  • Develop more than 15,000 MW of wind and solar energy, enough to power approx 4 million homes
  • Build over 1,800 MW of energy storage to support clean energy transformation

The Solar Energy Industries Association ranks Michigan the 25th most solar-friendly state in the U.S., with enough solar installed to power 153,000 homes and just under 4,000 solar jobs. Prices of solar panels have dropped by just over 50% over the last 10 years as compared to over 60% across the nation.

Target, Ford, and General Motors have all gone solar in Michigan in a big way. This, along with Detroit Energy’s move away from coal all bode well for the future of solar in the great lakes state.

Which company will be the next to make a substantial investment in solar? Will it be yours?

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