Anchors Away From Fossil Fuels: How Boaters Are Making the Switch To Solar

Imagine gliding through the open water on a boat powered solely by the sun’s energy.

Sounds like a dream?

It’s not, for an increasing number of boaters.

As solar material costs have rapidly declined over the last decade, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective for boaters to power their vessels with clean, renewable energy. If you’re interested in more eco-friendly options and you’re over the hassle and expense of refueling, let’s talk solar.

After reading this blog, you’ll understand

  • Effectiveness of solar panels
  • Benefits that solar panels provide to boaters

A growing market: With marine emission regulations tightening and fuel costs hitting all-time highs, more boaters are going solar. The $650 million solar boat market is expected to nearly quadruple over the next decade.

Positive environmental impact

  • Solar panels generate electricity using sunlight without producing the emissions that traditional diesel engines do.
  • Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant energy source, making it very eco-friendly.

They’re easily installed and low maintenance

  • Panels are integrated into the existing electrical system on your boat and may not require additional mounting equipment.
  • On a yacht, panels are usually attached to the hardtop or upper deck and/or poles and arches. For sailboats, panels are most commonly attached to the aft to keep a clear deck.
  • Panels hold up well to inclement conditions with the intermittent clearing of debris.

They provide power independence

  • Generate your own electricity on the water, limiting the need for shore power and generators
  • Save money on fuel and maintenance
  • Anchor in remote locations without worrying about power

Reduce costs

  • Offset solar installation costs by reducing expensive fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Federal tax deductions may be available for houseboats. Check with your accountant to see if yours qualifies.

The bright idea

Not only do solar panels reduce costs and give you power independence, but they also do their part to help the environment. Step off the dock with confidence by making the switch today!

Contact our sales team to discuss how solar can work for you and get ready for worry-free boating ahead. Set sail with solar today and experience a new level of freedom on the water!

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