CSA Group Opens Distributed Energy Resource Lab In Independence, Ohio

CSA Group opened a 40,000-square-foot Distributed Energy Resource Lab near Independence, Ohio. Founded in 1969, CSA is a global leader in standard development, testing, inspection, and certification.

The new lab is proof of an uptick in worldwide demand for sustainable energy sources, including solar.

“With more industries seeking to decarbonize, the demand for energy storage and microgrid products continues to increase, and so does the need for testing, evaluation and certification services to help manufacturers demonstrate the safety, efficiency and performance of these products,” said David Weinstein, CSA Group’s President and Chief Executive Officer

The lab will provide the following services to manufacturers in the electric vehicle, solar storage and charging, and microgrid technology sectors:

  • electrical and functional safety evaluation
  • megawatt fire testing
  • environmental simulation
  • energy efficiency verification
  • cybersecurity assessment
  • grid interoperability evaluation

Yet another promising sign for the future of solar!

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