Better Know a Manufacturer: U.S. Solar Panel Manufacturers

Welcome back to Better Know a Manufacturer, a piece where we look at the manufacturers shaping the solar industry’s future. Our previous installment focused on all North American-based solar panel manufacturers. 

In this piece, we’ll focus on U.S.-based manufacturers. Each manufacturer featured here has headquarters or factories in the United States. 

We’ll focus on what makes these companies stand out, from unique names to distinct manufacturing processes and the products that set them apart. We’ll also discuss some of the plans that these manufacturers have coming up, including mergers, new product lines, and new factory builds. 

Why Buy American Solar Panels?

Buying American solar panels isn’t just a matter of patriotism. 

President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 put billions of dollars in tax credits in play for solar developers and businesses interested in investing in alternative energy sources. Purchasing solar domestically has significant financial benefits, with up to 30% of tax credits available under the IRA and an additional 10% available through the Production Tax Credit

But there’s a bigger picture here, too. 

According to the IEA Special Report on Solar PV Global Supply Chains, China currently controls 80% of all manufacturing stages of solar modules. That number is expected to climb to a mind-bending 95% for critical elements like polysilicon and wafers. While China’s control of the solar market has been a key contributing factor to the gradual drop in solar panel costs over time, diversification is essential for a healthy global market and to avoid supply chain bottlenecks like the ones we saw in 2022. 

Buying domestic solar means tax savings and, hopefully, a future where American manufacturers can compete globally. 

Now, let’s check out the manufacturers creating jobs, sourcing materials, and making solar the fastest-growing renewable energy source in the U.S. 

  1. QCells
  2. Solar 4 America
  3. SolarTech Universal
  4. Mission Solar
  5. Complete Solaria
  6. Heliene
  7. Auxin Solar
  8. Silfab Solar
  9. Sunpower
  10. First Solar
  11. Jinko Solar

1. QCells

qcells logo

Qcells USA is headquartered in Irvine, CA with manufacturing facilities in Dalton, GA. They are an affiliate of South Korea’s Hanwha Group, which has ramped up its American presence in recent years. Qcells engineers their panels in Germany and produces them in the U.S. at a 5.1 GW capacity. While they lead the U.S. in residential and commercial sales, they also handle utility-scale panel and storage projects of 75 MW and above. 

Qcells leads the U.S. in market share for both commercial and residential markets at 35.1% and 35%, respectively.

Further building out its American EPC presence, Qcells invested over $2.5 billion to establish a comprehensive solar supply chain. Qcells CEO Justin Lee said of the investment: 

Qcells stands by the quality of its products and is proud that our customers agree that we’re a reliable choice for solar. We are building a company that wants to go above and beyond for our customers, making it easy for them to take advantage of the clean energy technology that is affordable, reliable, and sustainable.

Qcells Q.Antum Duo Z technology does not require gaps between individual cell rows. Gapless technology means a reduced distance between busbars and provides additional paths for electric current, resulting in a 2% power and 4% efficiency increase over other cells. They also use narrower round wire connections for reduced shading by up to 75%. 


HQ: Irvine, CA 

Year Founded: 1999

Projects: Residential, Commercial, Utility 

Faciality: monofacial, bifacial

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 370-585

Main Product Lines of Qcells




Bright Facts About Qcells

  • 5.1 GW production capacity 
  • Affiliated with South Korean parent Hanwha, engineered in Germany 
  • Both a manufacturer and an EPC contractor
  • Top seller in both residential and commercial U.S. markets 
  • Q ANTUM Duo technology uses round connecting wires and zero-gap cell interconnection for increased power and efficiency

2. Solar 4 America

Solar 4 America

This Sacramento, CA-based manufacturer has made heavy technological investments over the last year, nearly doubling their manufacturing capacity from 700MW to 1.3 GW. California is America’s largest residential solar market, making it a wise strategic investment. 

Solar For America (S4A0 recently announced plans for a second manufacturing plant in Sumter, South Carolina, bringing them to 2.4GW capacity. 

S4A chairman Denton Peng said, 

In April, we announced the addition of our second manufacturing plant in Sumter, South Carolina. This facility will produce American-made solar modules, cells, and wafers. By early 2024, we expect to begin delivering American-made solar modules with state-of-the-art American-made TOPCon solar cells to customers across the country.


H.Q.: Sacramento, California – USA

Year Founded: 2015 

Projects: Residential, Commercial, Utility, Government 

Faciality: Monofacial, Bifacial

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 100W-550W

Main Product Line of Solar 4 America

  • 100 W Mono Solar RV Camper | 100 W I Data Sheet
  • 150 W Mono Solar RV Camper | 150 W | Data Sheet
  • 330 W Mono Perc Full Black | 320-345W | Data Sheet
  • 410 W 72 Cell Mono Perc All Black | 385-410W | Data Sheet
  • 550 W 144 Cell Half Cut Mono Perc High-Efficiency I 530W- 550W I Data Sheet
  • 550 W Bifacial 144 Cell Half Cut Mono Perc High-Efficiency I 530-550W | Data Sheet

Bright Facts About Solar 4 America

  • Increased capacity of their Sacramento plant from 700 MW to 1.3 GW
  • Launched a 550W solar module for the commercial and industrial market in early 2023
  • Building a new plant in Sumter, SC, in late 2024, increasing their total capacity to 2.4 GW

3. SolarTech Universal

solar tech logo

SolarTech touts its usage of Meyer Burger’s patented SmartWire technology for its increased power output and improved efficiency. The company focuses its value on its material sourcing, technology, and 30-year performance warranty. 


HQ: Riviera Beach, FL 

Year Founded: 2012

Projects: Residential, Commercial 

Faciality: Monofacial, Bifacial Heterojunction

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 300-325 W

Main Product Line of SolarTech Universal

Bright Facts About SolarTech Universal

  • Use SmartWire technology for higher efficiency and increased power generation
  • 80% automated manufacturing process

4. Mission Solar

Mission Solar

San Antonio’s Mission Solar celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022 and remains one of America’s best solar manufacturers. Branding itself “America’s Module Company,” Mission is the only solar panel manufacturer in Texas, the state ranking 2nd nationwide in solar installations

Mission Solar is tripling its capacity to 1 gigawatt annually and doubling its employees by the end of 2024. 

Jae Yang, President and CEO of Mission Solar, said,

By 2035, solar installations are expected to quadruple from current levels. At present, four percent of the electricity fed to American energy grids is generated by solar. The U.S. aims to have 40 percent of its electricity generated by solar technology by 2035. These are exciting opportunities for us as a company. Additional motivated team members will be needed to help us build a greener future. 

Mission Solar is known for selling high-quality MSE Perc and MSE Perc 72 monocrystalline panels in 40 mm aluminum frames (as opposed to the 35mm industry standard), with respectable power outputs ranging from 390-435 W and efficiency ratings between 19.4%- 19.9%. 

They were named a high achiever on the 2023 RETC (Renewable Energy Test Center) report for their quality, performance and reliability under test conditions. 


HQ: San Antonio, Texas – USA

Year Founded: 2012

Projects: Residential, Commercial, Government, Utility 

Faciality: Monofacial

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 390-435

Main Product Line of Mission Solar

  • MSE PERC 66 | 390-400W
  • MSE PERC 72 | 425-435W

Bright Facts About Mission Solar

  • Highest PVUSA Test Conditions (PTC) of any USA-made solar module. 
  • Expanding annual manufacturing capacity from 300 MW to 1 GW. 
  • Only solar manufacturer in Texas
  • Their frames are 40mm as opposed to a standard of 35mm 
  • Named as a high achiever on the 2023 RETC (Renewable Energy Test Center) report

5. Complete Solaria

Complete Solaria logo

California-based Complete Solaria is an EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) company formed in July 2023 when solar manufacturer Solaria and installer Complete Solar merged. Solaria was founded in 2000 and has long been known for its innovative approach to the design process. Complete Solaria specializes in shingled all-black monocrystalline solar panels, which offer enhanced curb appeal and energy harvesting capabilities.

Since 2016, the PureBlack™ PowerXT panel has been Solaria’s flagship product. This all-black shingled panel blends well with roofs and offers an impressive 20%+ efficiency rating, making it extremely popular in the residential market since it hit the market. 

Aside from their sleek design, they set themselves apart by offering installer partners and a custom design option on their website. 

Complete Solaria is the only EPC that controls its supply chain, giving it a big leg up on the rest of the market. 

Tony Alvarez, CEO of Solaria, said, “The merger of our companies gives us critical mass, enabling us to immediately provide a broader array of services to our 1,200 plus installation partners while significantly expanding Complete Solar’s geographic footprint.”


HQ: Fremont, CA  – USA

Year Founded: 2000

Projects: Residential

Faciality: Monofacial

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 360-430

Main Product Line of Complete Solaria

  • PowerX Performance Series | 390-400 | data sheet
  • PowerXT Premium Series 400R | 400 | data sheet
  • PowerXT Premium Series 430R I 430 I data sheet

Bright Facts About Complete Solaria

  • Specializes in shingled monocrystalline solar panels 
  • 20% efficiency
  • Offer installers directly from their website
  • Customers can design their system on the site
  • EPC was formed after merging Solaria and Complete Solar 

6. Heliene

Heliene logo

Their name is a combination of the Greek sun god Helios + Energy, and their slogan is “Customer First.” 

Heliene has been making strides over the last several years. The Canada and U.S.-based manufacturer plans a $145m expansion of its manufacturing operations with a new Minneapolis- St. Paul factory. The new factory will push its manufacturing capacity over 1 GW for modules and 1.5 GW for cells. 

Their total production capacity had recently increased to 900 MW when they expanded their U.S. presence to Minnesota and Florida within five years. The Minnesota facility was the 2nd largest in the U.S. at the time. The Florida facility produces super high-efficiency heterojunction modules, allowing them to tap into a larger share of the ever-increasing residential market. 

Heliene counts community centers, school boards, large-scale solar parks, and distribution centers among their top customers. 


HQ: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Year Founded: 2010

Projects: Residential, Commercial, Utility 

Faciality: Monofacial, Bifacial

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 390-585. Expanding to 580-615 in ‘24 

Main Product Line of Heliene


  • 108HC M10 SL All Black Mono Perc I 380W -400 W
  • 108HC M10 SL S1 All Black Mono Perc I 390W -410 W
  • 108HC M10 SL S1 All Black Mono Perc I 420W -440 W


  • 132HC M10 SL Monofacial I 480 W- 500W
  • 132HC M10 TPC SL Monofacial I 515W- 535W
  • 132HC G12 HJT SL Bifacial I 690W- 710W
  • 144HC M10 SL Bifacial I 520W- 540W
  • 144HC M10 TPC SL Bifacial I 560W- 580W
  • 156HC M10 SL Bifacial I 565W- 585W
  • 156HC M10 TPC SL Bifacial I 605W- 625W

Bright Facts About Heliene

  • Increasing production capacity to over 1 GW for modules and 1.5 GW for cells
  • Opened a 150 MW plant in Mount Iron, Minnesota, in 2017 and a second 420 MW line in November 2022 
  • Their focus is on customer satisfaction and speed to market
  • They offer both monofacial and bifacial modules 
  • Use the just-in-time supply solution

7. Auxin Solar

auxin solar logo

Auxin is headquartered in San Jose, in the middle of Silicon Valley. They manufacture Auxin-branded panels and mounting racks and are also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for other brands. They have a capacity of 150 MW. 

In February 2022, Auxin filed a solar tariff petition accusing four countries- Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam of using Chinese-manufactured solar parts to circumvent tariffs. In August 2023, the U.S. Department of Commerce determined that these countries are circumventing U.S. trade duties against China. 

They were named a high achiever on the 2023 RETC report for their quality, performance and reliability under test conditions. 


HQ: San Jose, CA – USA

Year Founded: 2008

Projects: Residential, Commercial, Utility 

Faciality: Monocrystalline, Bifacial, Frameless

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 325-405

Main Product Line of Auxin Solar 

Bright Facts About Auxin Solar 

  • Auxin is one of the older U.S.-based manufacturers
  • Along with its own product line, Auxin is an OEM for other tier-1 solar companies 
  • Also manufacture mounting racks 
  • Filed and won a a petition alleging four Southeast Asian countries were evading tariffs 
  • Named a 2023 high achiever by RETC 

8. Silfab Solar

Silfab Solar

Silfab has facilities in the U.S. and Canada and announced plans to open a third U.S. facility in Bellingham, WA, in 2024. The newest facility pushes Silfab’s capacity to over 1 GW of cell production and an additional 1.2 gigawatts of solar module assembly. 

Silfab’s CEO Paolo Maccario said of the new facility

Domestic production of solar cells represents a strategic effort to further manage our supply chain and to apply our technical prowess from the ground up for a comprehensive manufacturing process. Our growth means more solar jobs for America and reliable energy that customers will use to reduce both costs and their carbon footprint

Silfab’s factories employ the just-in-time manufacturing (JIT) approach, manufacturing panels as needed rather than in surplus or advance of need. This high-efficiency model mirrors their ultra-high-efficiency, premium-quality panels. 

They were named a high achiever on the 2023 RETC (Renewable Energy Test Center) report for their quality, performance, and reliability under test conditions. 

Silfab aims to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 by reducing energy consumption in their manufacturing processes. 


HQ: Mississauga, Ontario – Canada

Year Founded: 2010

Projects: Residential, Commercial, Utility 

Faciality: Monofacial, Bifacial

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 370-500 W

Main Product Line of Silfab Solar

  • Silfab Elite SIL-410 BG | Data Sheet
  • Silfab Elite SIL-380 BK | 380 Data Sheet
  • Silfab Prime SIL-400 HC+ | Data Sheet
  • Silfab Prime SIL-370 HC | Data Sheet
  • Silfab Commercial SIL-490 HN
  • Silfab Commercial SIL-500 HN

Bright Facts About Silfab Solar

  • Locations in both Canada and the U.S.
  • Committed to reducing their carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 and net zero by 2040
  • Recognized by Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) as a high achiever in module performance in 2023
  • Will more than double its size throughout 2024

9. Sunpower


Sunpower has been headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1985, giving them over 35 years of U.S.-based solar experience. Over that time, they’ve become one of the world’s largest solar panel makers in residential and commercial markets. They have a market cap of just over $1 billion, making them one of the largest U.S.-based manufacturers. In July of this year, they announced their 100,000th residential installation. 

Sunpower touts its Maxeon solar technology, designed to eliminate cell failures caused by common issues like browning, cell cracking, delamination, and defective back sheets. Sunpower’s diverse product offering includes their Equinox® all-in-one home solar system, roof-integrated OneRoof™ solar system, and SunVault™ battery storage units

In April 2023, Sunpower partnered with OhmConnect to launch a virtual power plant offering for California solar customers that allows them to earn rewards for managing their electricity use during periods of peak demand.

In the Fall of 2022, they partnered with IKEA to offer home solar solutions through the IKEA Family customer loyalty program. 


HQ: San Jose

Year Founded: 1985

Projects: Residential, Commercial M410-425

Faciality: Monofacial 

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 360-475

Main Product Line of Sunpower 


A-Series SPR-A390-420

A-Series Black SPR-390-420

E-Series E20-327 | E19-320 

M-Series M420- 440

M-Series Black M410-M425

X-Series X22-370 | X22-360 


A-Series M430-450

M-Series M450-475

X-Series X460-470

Other Technology

E-Series Commercial Helix Roof E20-435-COM

OneRoof™  OneRoof

Bright Facts About Sunpower

  • Thirty-five years of experience in the U.S. 
  • Maxeon solar cell technology is one of the most efficient cells on the market.
  • It also carries storage and the Equinox home solar system. 

10. First Solar

First Solar

First Solar (FSLR), headquartered in Tempe, AZ, builds its factories in its home state of Ohio. After adding their fourth and fifth factories in 2023, First Solar will reach a 14 GW manufacturing capacity in the US by 2026. 

Mark Widmar, First Solar CEO, said of the addition of their newest facility, 

By expanding America’s solar manufacturing base and the value chains that support it, we are working to ensure that the US enters the next decade in a position of strength, fully capable of producing the technology it needs to complete its transition to a sustainable energy future.

First Solar manufactures thin-film solar panels. Thin film is a budget-friendly second-generation panel known for its low profile (up to 350 times thinner than crystalline panels) and pliability. In June 2023, they announced a limited production run of the world’s first bifacial thin film module

First Solar boasts a remarkably efficient manufacturing process that converts a sheet of glass into a fully functional solar panel in 4.5 hours, all under one roof. Many manufacturers transport raw materials from one factory to another over several days. 

They also employ a state-of-the-art recycling process where they buy back and reuse over 90% of semiconductor materials at the end life of solar panels. 


HQ: Tempe, AZ – USA

Year Founded: 1999

Projects: Commercial, Utility 

Faciality: Thin-Film

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 430-540

Main Product Line of First Solar 

Bright Facts About First Solar

  • Manufactured one of the world’s largest solar farms, California’s 4,700 Topaz Solar Farm. The farm features over 9 million CdTe modules, holds a capacity of 580 MW, and powers 180,000 households.
  • Manufacture thin-film technology known for its flexibility, portability, lower temperature coefficients, and higher radiation tolerance. 
  • Will release the world’s first bifacial thin film solar module 
  • They are currently building their 4th U.S. factory in Ohio, with a 5th expected by ‘26
  • Their recycling processing centers reuse over 90% of semiconductor material from solar panels and offer two-year recycling contracts to customers. 

11. Jinko Solar

Jinko solar

Jinko Solar is headquartered in Shanghai, China and is one of the largest module manufacturers in the world. It has sales operations in San Francisco, CA, and Jacksonville, FL. They opened their state-of-the-art solar panel manufacturing facility at 4660 POW-MIA Memorial Parkway, Jacksonville, Florida in 2019. They are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange as JKS

Jinko manufactures some of the most efficient and powerful modules in the world. They have tested as one of RETC’s overall highest achievers for four consecutive years and broke the world record for monocrystalline solar panel efficiency at 26.4% in 2022. 

Nigel Cockroft, General Manager of JinkoSolar U.S. said of the RETC recognition, 

The acknowledgment gives customers confidence that they are purchasing best-in-class, bankable and durable modules. Our continuous investments in R&D over many years have led to our longstanding leadership in products.

Jinko has delivered over 18 GW of solar modules to the US market, and have recently added stackable 7.6kW Eagle storage units to their Eagle solar module line. 

Customers can buy directly from Jinko or through one of dozens of distributors throughout the U.S. 


US Sales and Operations- San Francisco, CA 

US Manufacturing- Jacksonville, FL 

Year Founded: 2006 

Projects: Residential, Commercial, Utility 

Faciality: Monofacial, Bifacial 

Solar Panel Powerclass Range: 380-585

Main Product Lines Jinko Solar

Eagle G6

Eagle G5

Eagle G4

Eagle Continental

Bright Facts: 

  • 2023 RETC overall highest achiever for fourth consecutive year 
  • 400 MW manufacturing capacity in the US
  • In 2022, Jinko broke the world record large area n-type monocrystalline cell efficiency at 26.4%
  • Produce silicon ingots and wafers in-house 
  • Also offer Eagle storage modules 
  • Publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange as JKS

Up and coming manufacturers


Located outside Philadelphia, this Saint-Gobain SA subsidiary is known for its industry-leading sustainable building materials. 

Certainteed entered the U.S. solar market this year with two aesthetically pleasing all-black modules: the 400-440W Solstice Panel and the 70-watt Solstice Shingle. Both products come with a 25-year warranty. 

We look forward to seeing more data on this new line, and we’ll add it when we learn more. 

Crossroads Solar 

President Patrick Regan founded Crossroads based on what he describes as the three P’s: People, Planet, and More than Profit. They employ former convicts trying to re-integrate themselves back into the workforce. To ensure that profits are shared fairly, Regan’s salary remains within 5% of what employees on the factory floor.  

They sell two 380-watt commercial panels, including a bifacial configuration and a 325-watt residential panel. They also sell two smaller panels designed for RV and marine use. 25/10 warranties on all panels. 

They are a smaller-scale manufacturer with a social conscience. We’ll keep an eye on them and add information as we learn more. 

Now That You Know

Did we miss any manufacturers you’d like to learn more about? Want to learn about EPC’s or niche brands? Contact us directly to tell us what you’d like us to add to future Better Know installments.

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